Mini Collection: Depression


As a method of coping with my depression, I have started drawing it. When I put an image and name to the symptoms, I start to recognize them more quickly and can maneuver to avoid falling into the deep pit.

The Suspension of my heart within my empty, abandoned ribcage leaves my body hallow and brittle. Everything else has been eradicated from my chest cavity and the spiders have hung my heart like the Phantom's chandelier. Breathing is difficult without lungs. My heart palpates in the rhythm of the spiders' choosing, knowing that at any moment it could fall from its Suspension.

The Void seeps through the cracks, comes from within and dissolves the outer shell. It causes my heart to hurt and my face to feel slack and almost palsied. Gravity feels stronger. There isn't any light from within, just darkness, emptiness, the Void.